We are all aware of the significance of food in our lives. It provides our systems with nourishment and energy. Food and water are essential for all living things on the planet, as they allow us to function, be active, and stay healthy. Furthermore, our bodies require various nutrients from animals and plants, such as proteins, vitamins, lipids, carbs, and minerals.

As per a variety of empirical studies, the food we consume does have a substantial impact on our health. Dietary changes can help prevent or control various health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart-related illnesses.

Dietetics is indeed the study of the effects of diet and nutrition on human health. Dietetics heavily emphasizes public health and is dedicated to informing all about the significance of eating healthy foods.

Dietetics, often known as diet therapy, is concerned with diet formulations and recommendations for all patients. Nutritionists and dieticians construct a diet similar to that of a healthy individual for the majority of patients. This gives the patient the impression that they would be eating what their peers are eating so they're not suffering from a severe illness they could quickly overcome.

Nutritionists and dieticians work with other experts to treat eating disorders, food allergies and sensitivities, diabetes, chronic fatigue, kidney failure, IBS syndrome, malnutrition, and other medical conditions. They work to assist individuals and affect healthcare policy to ensure the general public's health and safety.

Nutritionists and dieticians seek to help consumers make positive weight-loss and general health connections. They collaborate with individuals and governments to encourage communities to eat well, keep active, and live healthy lives by making wise food choices.

Some people opt to follow a diet that focuses on some foods while avoiding others. People who do this may need to prepare ahead to ensure they get all the vitamins they need to stay healthy. If you want to enhance your knowledge in Dietetics, we have lots of e-books on Dietetics available.

A diet high in plant-based foods with minimal added animal fats, highly processed, sugar, and salt is most likely beneficial to one's health. There is no doubt that now being a dietician and then practicing it as a profession may be as tricky as any other job requiring discipline and commitment. Nevertheless, the current cultural shift that has increased our awareness of our food has increased the requirement for qualified dietitians. We are increasingly conscious of our eating habits than ever before, and we want to eat the most fantastic food available. We want to be healthier, more thoughtful, active, and disease-free. All of this has increased the importance of dietitians in our daily lives. At niapers, we have a bunch of books available on Dietetics.

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NIPA an agri. edutech delivers information on actionable technologies
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Empower communities through knowledge.

NIPA’s mission is to empower agriculture- based communities through knowledge imparted in the future generations to solve the legacy as well as futuristic societal problems.


Creation of best of the knowledge pool.

The ultimate goal of NIPA is creation of best of knowledge pool comprising tech- based solutions for sustainable agricultural development.


Bridge the information gap between the scientific community or the technology developer and the technology user.

NIPA is striving to bridge the information gap between the scientific community or the technology developer and the technology user i.e. students, farmers, young entrepreneurs, that make the future of our country.


Content developed by learned professionals is made available in vernacular languages helping users especially in tier 2,3 and +, women and youth to have single point in hand access of training sessions, language lab with writing and pronunciation tool supporting more than 170 languages, examination and interview preparation modules with one on one interaction with national faculty through smart phones.


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