Sh Shree Pal Jain


We at NIPA when look back at the journey that started 46 years ago, we feel humbled. Sh Shree Pal Jain, the Founder, started the firm with just one room, one table and a set of chairs, with his sheer dedication, hard work, commitment and to develop everlasting relationships, throughout these nearly five decades have developed a customer centric and value-based company.

1976 New India Books & Periodicals was started to serve the academic fraternity at various institutions both at India and abroad.

2005 New India Publishing Agency (NIPA), a Publishing Company, was started with the sole aim of offering content of highest quality at affordable prices, creating true multiplicity of the knowledge.

2017, With digital times, a startup was initiated.

Sh. Jain along with an earlier and 2nd generation team developed over these 46 years, now ventures in 14 segments including publishing and distribution of books.

Future Plans

NIPA an agri. edutech delivers information on actionable technologies
from lab-to-farm at affordable prices


NIPA’s mission is to empower agriculture- based communities through knowledge imparted in the future generations to solve the legacy as well as futuristic societal problems.


The ultimate goal of NIPA is creation of best of knowledge pool comprising tech- based solutions for sustainable agricultural development.


NIPA is striving to bridge the information gap between the scientific community or the technology developer and the technology user i.e. students, farmers, young entrepreneurs, that make the future of our country.


Content developed by learned professionals is made available in vernacular languages helping users especially in tier 2,3 and +, women and youth to have single point in hand access of training sessions, language lab with writing and pronunciation tool supporting more than 170 languages, examination and interview preparation modules with one on one interaction with national faculty through smart phones.


  • 810+


  • 500+


  • 5 Lac+


  • 500000 hr

    of learning done

  • Lacs of sample &
    Mock Papers


  • 150+


  • 700+


  • Lacs of
    Queries Solved

    & Counting

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