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NABARD is a Development Bank of the Nation for Fostering Rural Prosperity. NABARD organises exams for Post Grade-A and Development assistant.

NABARD Recruitment to Group A post is conducted for Rural Development Banking Service (RDBS), Protocol & Security Service (P&SS), Rajbhasha Service. This is also one of the popular exams conducted by NABARD. The selection for RDBS post is done based on the preliminary exam, mains exam, and interview. The Selection for the P&SS post is done through the interview only. 

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is the apex development financial institution in India that caters to the needs of the rural population by providing credit for agriculture and other economic activities in rural areas in India. 

Thousands of youths are appear in NABARD to join the banking sector. The bank engages eligible candidates both on a regular and contractual basis


(Self Customizable Practice Papers and Mock Tests)

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(Self Customizable Practice Papers and Mock Tests)

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The National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) is an Indian government entity governed by the Ministry of Finance. The main objective of NABARD is to give financial and credit assistance to small-scale rural industries suffering from minimum or non-existent support. 

The entity’s mission is to advocate for rural businesses and improve rural livelihoods due to economic circumstances. This way, it helps to construct a better lifestyle and create job opportunities in the function of NABARD. 

NABARD is duly responsible for cooperating with banks that provide low-interest financial assistance and easy-return policies. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) supervises all banks under the Banking Regulation Act (1949).

Brief Introduction to NABARD

The Indian Government established NABARD on 12 July 1982 in Mumbai to empower monetary flow for the cottage, agriculture, and small-scale rural enterprises’ growth and development. The current chairman of the NABARD is Shri Shaji K V, who took charge as the Chairman of the National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) on 7 December 2022. The motto for NABARD is “Gaon Badhe toh Desh Badhe.”

As we all know, India is a land of villages, and its development and expansion strategies are centered on villages through industrial backing. State cooperative banks, state cooperative agricultural and rural development banks, primary agricultural credit societies, and district central cooperative banks are all examples of NABARD.

NABARD Application Process

To get a relevant and valued position with NABARD, you must complete the NABARD Entrance Exam application process. Don’t worry if you still haven’t started studying. NIPAERS has got your back! We provide NABARD Development Assistant Mock Test to ensure you improve your chances of getting in the NABARD DA Mains exams by taking the NABARD Development Assistant Test Series on NIPAERS.

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By taking the mock test, you will be familiar with the test before taking it. NIPA’s experts prepared the NABARD Development Assistant Mock Test series by simulating an exam and utilizing exam-relevant questions. 

You can take the Mains exam online test series from your phone, laptop, or tablet as per your needs. The simulated tests offered by NIPA will provide you with tailored Advanced Feedback Analysis. The feedback you receive after completing the online exam will highlight which chapters and areas you should concentrate on the most.

Advantages of Taking the NABARD Development Assistant Exams

Now that you know how to receive your NABARD Development Assistant Mock Test, you may be asking what the benefits of studying them on NIPAERS are.

So, here are some of the advantages of taking the online exam series:

  • You will get a large selection of questions aggregated on one platform, which will help you prepare the best.
  • Furthermore, after completing mock examinations on NIPAERS, you will learn what to expect on exam day.
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  • The study will provide the best preparation options for you.

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