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01. Who is affiliate?
An affiliate is a person, who is permitted to promote and refer products of a company on commission basis to people. In simple terms he acts a selling agent of products and earn commission on every sale made through his/her unique link/code provided by the company.

02. What is affiliate programme?
By enrolling into this programme, one can promote, sell and earn on each purchase made by any users by using the link provided to an individual affiliate. This is valid for on NIPA products listed on www.nipaers.com.

03. Who can become an affiliate?
Anybody can become an affiliate. Just need to have valid PAN (Permanent Account Number) and AADHAR CARD issued by Government of India.
For ay resident outside India, documents issued by their respective Governments will be required.

04. Does it requires any infrastructure?
No infrastructure is required, its completelya work from home or on the move job, which can be done on part time, or during your ideal hours. The only thing required is a smart phone with internet connection and social media accounts.

05. How does this works?
By registering on our website, a customized link will be issued to you, which will be only for you and you can circulate it through your channels and every time any user uses that link, the user gets an extra discount and his sales are mapped to your account, for calculation of your earnings ranging from 5 % to 25%.

06. What are the benefits/earnings %?
The earnings % starts from 5% and can go up-to 25% which varies from product to product.

07. What is the payment cycle?
Earning made in a particular month, will be credited in first 15 days of the subsequent month, after deduction of necessary taxes, as per GoI.

08. What is the deduction in terms of taxes?
As per GoI the deduction on commission is 5% for TDS (Tax deducted at Source) till an amount of INR 15000.00. The % of TDS and limit of non-taxable commission are subject to GoI rules.

09. Can I earn, multiple times from a single user?
Yes, if the user purchases and payments are made multiple times, each time the earning is there.

10. If a user enrols in a monthly subscription product, does it result in a recurring payouts of commission every month?
No, only commission for the first month’s payments will be made, and thereafter, if subscription is renewed, the commission will be paid again for the renewal only.

11. What will happen, if multiple affiliates refer a sale.
That is not possible, as the link is customized to one affiliate only.

12. Do you provide support for affiliate members such as newsletters, content, promotional materials, etc.?
Yes, promotional material and newsletters will be provided from time to time having unique code/link for promotion. These will not be charged.

13. How many courses and products are there to promote? Can we show the count?

  1. Competitive Examination Preparation
  2. ebooks
  3. e-chapters
  4. Language Development and Learning Program
  5. Writing Tool
  6. Pronunciation Tool
  7. Personality Development and Human Values Program
  8. Interview Preparation
  9. Skilling and Upskilling Programmes

14. What are the commission % for the above products?

S. No. Type of Product % Commission
1. Competitive Examination Preparation 15% of the Payment Received
2. ebooks 10% of the Payment Received
3. e-chapters 25% of the Payment Received
4. Language Development and Learning Program 25% of the Payment Received
5. Writing Tool 10% of the Payment Received
6. Pronunciation Tool 10% of the Payment Received
7. Personality Development and Human Values Program 25% of the Payment Received
8. Interview Preparation 15% of the Payment Received
9. Online Programmes for Professionals 25% of the Payment Received

Payment Received Means: amount received by NIPA from the buyer after discount, less taxes charged by the GoI

Competitive Examination Preparation INR 100.00
Ebook INR 4500.00
Language Development and Learning Program INR 695.00
Less 10% Discount to The Buyer INR 529.50
Payable by The Buyer Before GST INR 4765.50
Add 18% GST of INR 4765.50 INR 857.79
Payment Received by NIPA INR 5623.29
You Get
Competitive Examination Preparation (15% of INR 100.00) INR 15.00
Language Development and Learning Program (25% of INR 695.00) INR 173.75
Ebook (10% of INR 4500.00) INR 450.00
Total Amount INR 638.75
Less 10% Discount offered to User INR 63.88
Final Amount Received INR 574.88

Payment Methods