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Best E-Books to read for Agriculture Science

Agricultural sciences deal with the production and processing of food and fiber. Soil cultivation, crop production and harvests, cattle breeding, and plant and animal products refining for human intake and usage are among them.

One of the most fundamental human requirements is food. Domestication and cultivation of living organisms began over 11,500 years ago to meet this requirement, and these efforts fit well with the unrelenting human urge to comprehend and manage Earth's ecosystem back then, as well as now.

Our Agriculture Sciences E-Books offers an interdisciplinary and integrative review of the most recent developments in intelligent farming. It demonstrates how, to make agriculture more productive, conventional agricultural processes are being supplemented and transformed by automation and the introduction of modern scaled technological systems which reduce risks, improve sustainability, and give predictive judgments to the grower.

Agriculture was the beginning of civilization, and agriculture is still highly essential today, even though humankind has significantly transformed. Its importance is more visible in some nations, but the truth is that agriculture is critical to every country globally for one reason or another.

Our book explains how the deployment of tiny sensors, AI/ML-enabled UAVs, or low-powered Internet of Things setups for detecting, monitoring, collection, analyzing, and gathering data through cloud applications is nurturing and driving the birth of more competent and intelligent agriculture. Our books are among the top Agriculture publishers.

Whenever it comes to pollution and global warming, the ecosystem and agriculture bear the brunt of the repercussions first and foremost. Climate change's influence on agriculture would ruin a country's economy and wipe out the food supply unless adequate measures are taken. We are looking at agriculture to have a clearer picture of where humans will end up. What is being done to adapt to a climate that is fast-changing? What will the state of our food supply be like? The form of agriculture serves as a solid barometer for what the future may hold.

Our book is ideal for agricultural university researchers, academics, post-graduate pupils, and professionals who would like to adopt new agricultural technologies for determining site-specific crop requirements, future farming techniques linked to controlling chemical sprays, yield, price assessments through the use of agri-robots for planting and harvesting with the support of AI/ML-driven intelligent management information systems. Our book would discuss and explore the benefits of each technology and certain case studies that have had a significant effect as great triumphs. You can read our popular articles on Agriculture on our website.

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