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Plant Pathology is Now Easy!

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Plant pathology is the discipline that investigates the causes of plant illnesses, the mechanisms by which diseases arise in individual plants and populations, and the methods for managing and controlling plant diseases.

In order to make you get the right Plant Pathology books, Nipaers have the best collections of genetics and plant breeding books. You can get books from basic to advance that fits your requirement.

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Some of the top-rated genetics and plant breeding books in Plant Pathology sections are AIR POLLUTION AND IT'S IMPACTS ON PLANT GROWTH by Shilpa Shyam, H. N. Verma, S. K. Bhargava. This book covers the rapid urbanization and industrialization issues that have resulted in a steady decline in air quality, which have become a serious environmental issue in both developed and developing nations. The book also includes topics such as efficient loss equity management and urban green belt development.

The other one is ADVANCES IN NUTRIENT DYNAMICS IN SOIL - PLANT SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING NUTRIENT USE EFFICIENCY by R. Elanchezhian, A.K. Biswas, K. Ramesh, A.K. Patra. This book contains 31 chapters on advancements in soil-plant systems for enhancing nutrient use efficiency, with four primary themes: L. Introduction and Fundamentals of Soil Plant Atmosphere Continuum and Nutrient Use Efficiency, and nutrient use efficiency. Improving through soil physical, chemical, biological, and agronomic management Plant physiological, genetic, and molecular biology foundations for nutrient absorption and use.

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