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Best Animal Science- Genetics & Breeding Books Available!

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Animal Science is the study of the biological function of domestic and captive animals, as well as their usage by humans, focuses on contemporary, efficient, and compassionate ways to care for and utilize the animals.

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Check out the best books on genetics that includes ANIMAL BREEDING AND GENETICS by Dr. C.V. Singh. This book aims to present the current state of applied breeding procedures for several domestic animal species. However, because students are expected to cope with worldwide issues in their future jobs, an attempt has been made to integrate international viewpoints whenever possible. The chapters have been arranged in the same way as feasible to facilitate cross-species comparisons.

The second one in the top row is PROTECTED NUTRIENT TECHNOLOGY FOR CROSSBRED CATTLE by Dr. S.H. Mane, Dr. Y. G. Fulpagare. This book focuses on the benefits of early lactation performance and postpartum reproduction. The function of energy nutrients such as by-pass fat and protein such as by-pass protein, both individually and in combination, in recovering a positive energy balance state after parturition and its relationship with enhanced milk production and better postpartum reproduction has also been explored.

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