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Geology is the scientific study of the earth and its history. Geologists are interested in the origin, evolution, composition, structure, physical properties, and processes of Earth's interior and surface. The geologist studies minerals and rocks in order to determine how they were formed. Geologists also look at how weathering, erosion, and plate tectonics affect the rock cycle.

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The understanding of the Earth has been developed through observation and theory and is continually revised as new ideas, discoveries, and evidence are presented. The study of the earth's processes includes geologic processes in the present tense. There are four main types of processes that shape the Earth: plate tectonics, hydrologic cycle, climate change, and biosphere.

The world of geology is so much more than just rocks, minerals, and the earth's crust; it is an ever-changing science that keeps us on our toes in regard to what we know about our planet.

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For centuries, man has pondered the secrets of the Earth. How did it form? What are its composition and structure? How was it shaped by natural forces? Today, geology is our best tool for understanding the history of our planet. Geologists have uncovered information about the earth's past that we never thought possible. A large part of this evolution can be attributed to new technology and methods in data collection and analysis.

Geology is a fascinating and complex science that encompasses Earth's history, formation, composition, structure, and the processes active in it. It has been called the only unified natural science because it is concerned with aspects of our planet that are common to all areas of Earth. Geology can be considered an applied science in an economic sense but its main goal is not practical applications or exploitation of natural resources.

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