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About The Author

S.K. Tyagi
S.K. Tyagi Scientist (Horticulture) Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Khargone Madhya Pradesh

Akhilesh Tiwari
Akhilesh Tiwari Senior Scientist (Horticulture) Research & Training Centre (JNKVV) Garhakota, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

About The Book

Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is one of the ancient fruits associated with several human cultures of the world. Its nutritional, therapeutic and ornamental values were known to humans since antiquity. Although pomegranate is an ancient fruit plant, it has gained commercial significance recently. In the present text, proven technologies and procedure for export have largely been complied for the end-users. The book has six broad chapters, with major focus on production technology, integrated disease and insect pest management (IDIPM), post harvest management and procedure for export of pomegranate. This publication will benefit the pomegranate growers, researchers, students, extension workers, processors, exporters, various developmental agencies and other stake holders involved in the promotion of the pomegranate industry in India.

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  2. Pomegranate

    1 - 6 (6 Pages)
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  3. Production Technology

    7 - 34 (28 Pages)
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  4. Integrated Disease and Insect Pest Management

    35 - 58 (24 Pages)
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  5. Harvesting and Post Harvest Management

    59 - 67 (9 Pages)
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  6. Exports and Export Procedure

    69 - 148 (80 Pages)
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  7. Future Prospects

    149 - 168 (20 Pages)
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  8. End Pages

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