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About The Author

SM. Ramasamy
SM. Ramasamy: DST Geospatial Chair Professor, Centre for Remote Sensing, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

S. Thillai Govindarajan
S. Thillai Govindarajan, Deputy Director, Remote Sensing (Retd), State Ground Water Directorate, PWD, Tamil Nadu.

About The Book

Due to unprecedented growth in population and the resultant massive mining of energy resources, especially the non-renewable resources and also water resources, these resources have gradually become scarce commodities. Hence the geoscientists and the technocrats from all over the world have embarked into many fold research programmes for locating newer reservoirs of these resources and also to develop models to conserve and sustainably exploit them. As this involves the total understanding of the rock types, tectonic architecture, geomorphology and reservoir conditions, the Geomatics technology comprising Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), etc have been found to be vital tools in the inventory and management of these resources; While the former due to its synoptivity, multispectral nature and repeativity and the latter by virtue of its capability to store, manipulate and model huge volume of spatial and non-spatial data. Divergent geological provinces and processes are brought out deserving concepts and methods on geology, 3D visualization of subsurface lineaments, SRTM based lineament mapping, spatio-linear modeling of hard rock aquifer systems, 3D visualization of oil bearing structures, etc., both as field geologists and as researchers.

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  2. Certain Newer Concepts Emerged on The Geology of South India during Post Remote Sensing Era

    SM. Ramasamy
    1 - 12 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  3. GIS Based 3D Visualization of Subsurface and Surface Lineaments/ Faults and their Geological Significance, Northern Tamil Nadu, India

    J. Saravanavel and SM. Ramasamy
    13 - 24 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  4. GIS Based Visualization of Groundwater Levels and its Significance

    SM. Ramasamy, C.J. Kumanan, S. Mahalingam and N. Nagappan
    25 - 36 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  5. Geomatics and the Geothermal Prospects - Pudukkottai District Tamil Nadu, India

    S. Gunasekaran and SM. Ramasamy
    37 - 48 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  6. Significance of Surface Lineaments for Gas and Oil Exploration in Part of Sabatayn Basin - Yemen

    Arafat Mohammed, K. Palanivel, C.J. Kumanan and SM. Ramasamy
    49 - 62 (14 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  7. Hydrocarbon Prospects in Sub-Trappean Mesozoic Deccan Syneclise, India : Evidence From Surface Geochemical Prospecting

    C. Vishnu Vardhan, B. Kumar, C.J. Kumanan, Devleena Mani and D.J. Patil
    63 - 70 (8 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  8. Surface Water Resources and Water Management in Tamil Nadu An Overview

    R. Sakthivadivel
    71 - 84 (14 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  9. Geomatics in Water Resources Management - Tamil Nadu Perspective

    Thillai Govindarajan S.
    85 - 106 (22 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  10. Groundwater Pollution in Tamil Nadu–An Overview

    N. Varadarajan
    107 - 124 (18 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  11. 10 

    Restoration of Cascading Tank System using Geoinformatics Technology

    R. Selvakumar, U.A.B. Rajasimman and S. Gunasekaran
    125 - 134 (10 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  12. 11 

    Certain Vistas of Spatial Technology for Groundwater Resources Management - An Overview from Tamil Nadu

    SM. Ramasamy, C.J. Kumanan and K. Palanivel
    135 - 150 (16 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  13. 12 

    Remote Sensing and GIS Based AHP Method for Groundwater Targeting, Hard Rock Aquifer System, Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India

    J. Muralitharan and K. Palanivel
    151 - 176 (26 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  14. 13 

    Space & Spatial Technology in Hard Rock Aquifer Function Modeling in Precambrian Tract of South Western Tamil Nadu, India

    K. Palanivel and SM. Ramasamy
    177 - 184 (8 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  15. 14 

    Efficiency Evaluation of Lithology in Groundwater Movement in Hard Rock Aquifer Systems - A GIS Based Study

    N. Nagappan and SM. Ramasamy
    185 - 194 (10 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  16. 15 

    Fractures and the Transmissivity Behaviour of Hard Rock Aquifer Systems in Parts of Western Ghats Tamil Nadu, India

    C.J. Kumanan and SM. Ramasamy
    195 - 202 (8 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  17. 16 

    Remote Sensing and GIS Based 3D Visualization and Their Signatures: Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu

    S. Gunasekaran, SM. Ramasamy, K. Palanivel, J. Saravanavel and Selvakumar
    203 - 216 (14 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  18. 17 

    Geo-System Based Aquifer Development through Artificial Recharge in Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu, India

    S. Gunasekaran, SM. Ramasamy, K. Palanivel and J. Saravanavel
    217 - 240 (24 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  19. 18 

    Evaluation of Areas for Artificial Groundwater Recharge in Ayyar Basin, Tamil Nadu, India through Statistical Terrain Analysis

    S. Anbazhagan and SM. Ramasamy
    241 - 260 (20 Pages)
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