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About The Author

Sasi Kumar R.
Sasi Kumar R.: Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Central Agricultural University Tura, Meghalaya,India.

Sivakumar P.S.
Sivakumar P.S. Scientist (SS), Regional Tuber Crops Research Institute Bhubaneswar, Odisha

About The Book

The book deals with value addition and processing of agro-food crops. Each agro-food crop is discussed from the point of its production, processing, value addition, packaging and storage. Main food crops of special importance in the food processing sector like cereals, millets and pulses, minor forest products, fruits and vegetables and milk and milk based products are considered at length. The book gives a comprehensive account of food processing and value addition with regards to encourage for setting up small food processing industries in their local area using local agro food crops base. Indigenous food preparations based on fermented cereals and pulse, milk and other crops based products have been discussed. Various food laws and regulation by the Government to control food quality and standards are highlighted. Agro food based, food processing industry, in small or cottage scale level in their local region with available resource projects are alsodiscussed in details. An outstanding text for students, researchers and entrepreneurs in food processing with little or no previous instruction in food science and technology, food science is also a valuable reference for professionals in food processing, as well as for those working in fields that serves, regulates or otherwise interfaces with the food processing industry.

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  2. Cereals, Millets and Pulses Based Foods

    1 - 56 (56 Pages)
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  3. Traditional Foods

    57 - 76 (20 Pages)
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  4. Fruits and Vegetables Based Foods

    77 - 106 (30 Pages)
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  5. Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Based Foods

    107 - 142 (36 Pages)
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  6. Minor Forest Products Based Foods

    143 - 168 (26 Pages)
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  7. Milk and Milk Products Based Food

    169 - 180 (12 Pages)
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  8. Food Additives used for Foods

    181 - 188 (8 Pages)
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  9. Food Package Development

    189 - 202 (14 Pages)
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  10. Food Storage and Quality Control

    203 - 211 (9 Pages)
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  11. 10 

    Food Law and Regulation

    213 - 220 (8 Pages)
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  12. 11 

    Project Preparation

    221 - 278 (58 Pages)
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