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About The Author

Dr. Nirmal Sharma
Dr. Nirmal Sharma did his B.Sc. (Horticulture), M.Sc. (Fruit Breeding and Genetic Resources) and Ph.D. (Fruit Breeding and Genetic Resources) from Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan, Himachal Pradesh during 1995 to 2005. He is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Fruit Science, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, Chatha, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir. He has several national and international publications and guided 01 M.Sc student.

Dr. V. K. Wali
Dr. V. K. Wali is presently working as Head, Division of Fruit Science, SKUAST-J. He is having experience of more than 34 years in administration, research, teaching and extension. He has handled 12 institutional and 15 externally funded projects. He has published more than 90 research papers in national and international journals, authored/ co-authored 10 books, 9 technical bulletins and 2 practical manuals. He has guided 5 Ph.D. and 4 M.Sc. students. He is a Life member of 05 National Horticultural Societies.

Dr. Parshant Bakshi
Dr. Parshant Bakshi, presently working as Associate Professor in the Division of Fruit Science, Faculty of Agriculture, SKUAST-Jammu. He has handled 06 institutional and 12 externally funded projects. He authored 04 books, 09 manuals and 76 articles in various national and international journals. He has guided 4 M.Sc. and 3 Ph.D. students. He visited Israel for attending international training program. He is a Life member of 10 Horticultural Societies of India. He has been adjudged for best poster and oral presentation at various national and International platforms.

About The Book

The book presents complicated statistical equations and formulae in the form of easily understandable text and simple formulae, so that large data gathered through the field experimentation could be properly analyzed and correct inferences may be drawn from it. The present book has been divided into seven chapters. First two chapters deals with the development of biometrics and basic statistics because biometrics cannot be understood properly without having knowledge of basic statistics. The third chapter deals with assessment of variability in a population which can be determined through different methods like D2 statistics, Euclidean cluster analysis and meteroglyph analysis, however, range, standard deviation, variance and coefficient of variation are simpler statistics for assessment of variability. Fourth chapter deals with breeding methods which include selection process, eritability, and selection index. Fifth chapter deals with aids in selection and include important topics like correlation, path analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, PCA and discriminant function analysis. Sixth chapter deals with aids in selection which include diallel analysis and generation mean analysis. Seventh chapter is varietal adaptation which includes stability analysis of a variety.

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  2. Introduction

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  3. Basic Statistics

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  4. Assessment of Variability

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  5. Breeding Methods

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  6. Aids in Selection

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  7. Choice of Parents and Breeding Procedures

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  8. Varietal Adaptation

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