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About The Author

R.K. Mishra
R.K. Mishra: Ph.D (Plant Pathology) presently working at TERI, New Delhi, Assistant Director (National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, Karnal, Haryana)

A.K. Singh
A.K. Singh: Senior Scientist, Division of Nematology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110 012

A.K.Sharma: (Principal Investigator: Crop Protection Programme), Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR-ICAR), Karnal, Haryana, India

About The Book

Vegetables are important source of dietary fibers, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Shifting from a non-vegetarian diet to vegetarian, global recognition of the importance of vegetables for human health and their medicinal and nutritional value have contributed to a steady upward trend in vegetable production system. China is ranked first in the world and currently produces around 237 million tons of vegetable. The total vegetable production of India during the year 2009-10 was approximately 90 million tons. Pesticides are valuable tools in sustainable vegetable production, but unfortunately they are often being used irresponsibly, causing hazards to producers, consumers and the environment. In addition, they can exacerbate pests and diseases problems by inducing resistance and suppressing the natural enemies which exert natural biological control. This book aims to promoting an integration of appropriate chemical, cultural, physical, genetic and biological technologies into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies for vegetable crop protection.

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  2. Diseases of Allium Crops — Onion and Garlic

    1 - 30 (30 Pages)
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  3. Diseases of Leguminous Crops

    31 - 48 (18 Pages)
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  4. Diseases of Solanaceous Crops

    49 - 76 (28 Pages)
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  5. Diseases of Cole Crops

    77 - 82 (6 Pages)
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  6. Diseases of Cucurbit Crops

    83 - 92 (10 Pages)
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  7. Diseases of Malvaceous Crops

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