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About The Author

V. Emayavaramban

K. Kannadasan

S. Vinothkanna

About The Book

The book has been divided into six chapters. The first chapter “Introduction to remote sensing” in this chapter we have given basics knowledge of remote sensing, it include the definition, history of the satellite systems, electromagnetic spectrum and resolutions etc. The second chapter of “Aerial Remote Sensing” deals with elements, interpretation, types of photo and measurements. The third chapter represents the “Satellite remote sensing”. The fourth chapter analysed “Global Positioning System”, it include the GPS procedure, types and developments. The fifth chapter is “Introduction to Geographical Information System” and covered basics information about GIS. The sixth chapter included applications of remote sensing, geographical information system and Global positioning systems. This book is very useful to bachelor, post graduates’ degree of geography and research scholars can get the some ideas and knowledge about the Geospatial Technologies. This book is prepared with very basic and common information. Geographic knowledge of these technologies will provide students with the skills needed to meet the demands of their diverse careers in the global workplace.

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  2. Introduction to Remote Sensing

    1 - 30 (30 Pages)
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  3. Aerial Remote Sensing

    31 - 50 (20 Pages)
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  4. Satellite Remote Sensing

    51 - 76 (26 Pages)
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  5. Global Positioning System

    77 - 94 (18 Pages)
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  6. Introduction to Geographical Information System

    95 - 130 (36 Pages)
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  7. Applications of Remote Sensing GIS and GPS

    131 - 162 (32 Pages)
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