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About The Author

Dr. S.H. Mane
Dr. S.H. Mane: Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri (Maharashtra).

Dr. Y. G. Fulpagare
Dr. Y. G. Fulpagare: M.Sc. (Agriculture), Ph.D. (Animal Nutrition), CCS Haryana Agriculture University, Hissar.

About The Book

The feeding management plays an important role in sustaining higher milk production in high producing dairy animals and especially nutrition during transition period of dairy animals during 3 weeks prior and 3 weeks after parturition is critically important to health, production and profitability of dairy. Nutrition and management of cows during the transition period has received tremendous interest in recent years in developed countries but relatively less attention is being paid in the developing countries like India. With understanding of role of energy and protein nutrition in managing the transition period some technologies like protected fat and protein alone or in combination has been practiced by few dairy farmers but many are still ignorant about it. The experimental results obtained with the use of these technologies have been discussed in greater depth in this book with emphasis on its profitable effect on early lactation performance and post partum reproduction. The role of energy nutrients as by pass fat and protein as by pass protein in isolation and in combination has also been discussed in the light of regaining the positive energy balance state after the parturition and its association with increased milk yield and improved post partum reproduction

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  2. Introduction

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  3. Review of Literature

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  4. Material and Methods

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  5. Results and Discusion

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  6. Summary and Conclusions

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  7. Literature Cited

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