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About The Author

G. Mondal
G. Mondal: Scientist (Animal Nutrition) Sheep Research Station, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Kashmir, Shuhama, Alusteng, Srinagar-190006, Jammu & Kashmir,India

About The Book

India having around 180 millions heads of cattle, 100 million buffaloes, 185 million heads of caprine and ovine population which makes her highest milk producing country in the world. Not only that beef and buffen, mutton and chevon produced but also and exported in significant amount to gulf countries. Feed ingredients available in India is mostly crop residue and agro-industrial by products, the sector is overlooked, though significant output is achieved. Poor, landless, marginal and small farmers are raising the ruminants without knowing the nutritive value, composition and requirement of the animal. Not from the farmers point of view, academician, researcher and students may also get vast information presented in the book Text Book of Ruminant Nutrition.

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  2. Feeds and its Classification

    1 - 38 (38 Pages)
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  3. Functions and Metabolism of Nutrients

    39 - 106 (68 Pages)
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  4. Nutrients Requirement for Ruminants

    107 - 116 (10 Pages)
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  5. Computation of Ration

    117 - 122 (6 Pages)
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  6. Evaluation of Feeds

    123 - 158 (36 Pages)
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  7. Anti Nutritional Factors/ Natural Toxicants of Feeds

    159 - 194 (36 Pages)
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  8. Metabolic Disorders

    195 - 202 (8 Pages)
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