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About The Author

Mohd Rashid

Rajesh Katoch

Mudasir Sultana

Kafil Hussain


About The Book

It will be used as a tool of interventional strategies for prevention and control of parasitic zoonoses of livestock and their rearers belonging to socioeconomically poor communities by imparting knowledge through training of field veterinarians. The books aims to provide, for Veterinary Doctors, modern practices on the production of dairy animal, sheep and goat farming to know how productivity can be improved by introducing appropriate, low- cost approaches. It describes the steps that can be taken to improve health of animals and reduce the mortality. More costly techniques such as supplementary feeding, intensive rearing is also covered in this manual. This information could be used for planning, implementing and monitoring livestock programme. It is expected that service providers will educate the farmers about the extra costs and labour that would be required for more intensive livestock farming.

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  2. An Overview of Helminthes of Zoonotic and Public Health Importance

    M. Rashid and Alveena Ganai
    1 - 12 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  3. Present Status of Small Animal Farming and Role of Sheep Husbandry Department in Socio-economic Upliftment of Rural People

    Nazam Khan and Vikas Mahajan
    13 - 22 (10 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  4. Care and Management of Dairy Animals

    Asma Khan and M. Rashid
    23 - 40 (18 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  5. Care and Management of Sheep and Goat

    Nazam Khan and R.K. Sharma
    41 - 60 (20 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  6. Parasitic Diseases of Livestock and Their Sustainable Control

    R. Katoch, R. Godara, Anish Yadav and Sanku Borkataki
    61 - 70 (10 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  7. Feeds and Feeding of Dairy Animals

    A.K. Pathak and Ankur Rastogi
    71 - 86 (16 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  8. Small Scale Projects and Prospects of Small Ruminant Farming

    Pranav Kumar
    87 - 106 (20 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  9. Diagnoses of Parasitic Diseases in Livestock

    M. Rashid and A. Yadav
    107 - 118 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free

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