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About The Author

R.S.Sengar: Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, College of Agriculture in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Reshu Chaudhary

About The Book

The present book "Laboratory Manual of Biochemistry: Methods and Techniques" is the outcome of 17 years of teaching and research experience of the authors. Biochemistry is a comparatively recent branch but the utility and variability of research work and the dazzling pace of its development has positioned this discipline in the forefront of scientific hierarchy. As Biochemistry works at a molecular level (i.e. finer than that accessed by the ultra-modern optical or phase-contrast microscopes) it embraces other disciplines also. Biochemistry has thus strengthened the integrated approach concept and solving biological riddles. Biochemical Techniques are used in all branches of biological sciences and biotechnology. Biochemical experiments are conducted in the laboratory as practical as well as for persuing research. A researcher has to refer to many journals and books before he/she could get to the working protocol for his/her experiment. This book attempts to give often-used methods in a single volume. This first edition is divided into 11 Units. Each experiment includes principle, requirements, procedure, calculation and observations. At the end of each , references for additional reading are provided. Important precautions, warnings and tips are given under the notes section. In addition, there are 12 appendices, which give minute details on basic chemistry, buffer preparations and other aspects required for the conduct of the experiments. The methods given in the book will be useful for conducting practical classes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, agricultural sciences, environmental science, botany, zoology, nutrition, pharmaceutical science and other biology-related subjects. This book will be a bonanza for the research workers since it covers procedures from the classical basic biochemistry to the modern PCR techniques.

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  2. General Laboratory Principles

    1 - 10 (10 Pages)
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  3. Carbohydrates

    11 - 48 (38 Pages)
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  4. Amino Acids and Proteins

    49 - 96 (48 Pages)
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  5. Lipids

    97 - 120 (24 Pages)
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  6. Nucleic Acids

    121 - 146 (26 Pages)
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  7. Enzymes

    147 - 216 (70 Pages)
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  8. Vitamins

    217 - 242 (26 Pages)
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  9. Pigments

    243 - 272 (30 Pages)
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  10. Phenolics

    273 - 288 (16 Pages)
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  11. 10 

    Anti Nutritional Factors

    289 - 302 (14 Pages)
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  12. 11 

    Plant Hormones

    303 - 310 (8 Pages)
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    End Pages

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