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About The Author

Vanita Jain
Vanita Jain Senior Scientist Division of Plant Physiology Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012, India

P. Ananda Kumar
P. Ananda Kumar Director National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012, India

About The Book

Nitrogen fertilizers are necessary to enhance agricultural production and to sustain food security. However, their inefficient use accrues from inherent limitations of the crop plants as well as the manner in which N fertilizers are formulated, applied and managed. The main aim of the book is to assess the various aspects of the fate of fertilizer N in context of the overall N inputs to agricultural systems, with a view to enhance the efficiency of nitrogen use and reduce the negative impacts on environment. The cross cutting issues relate to improvement in nitrogen use by emerging technologies (genetic enhancement, QTL mapping), meeting N needs by understanding its interactions with other nutrients, and mitigation of nitrogen losses caused by environmental factors and management practices. Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Plants develops links between basic and applied research and practical crop production by addressing a wide range of topics relating to nitrogen use efficiency, and to plant and crop responses to applications of nitrogen via fertilizers, including nitrogen acquisition and reduction, molecular approaches, nitrate induction and signaling; and nitrogen use under abiotic stresses. Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Plants is an invaluable classroom aid for academics working in plant physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular breeding and agronomy, and an essential professional resource for researchers working in plant and crop systems as it provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary description of problems related to the efficient use of nitrogen in agriculture.

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  2. Physiological and Molecular Aspects of Nitrate Transporters in Plants

    Ishrat Khan, Jyotimayee Nayak, Renu Pandey and Altaf Ahmad
    1 - 20 (20 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  3. Post-Translational Regulation of Nitrate Reductase

    Steven C Huber, Werner M Kaiser and Vanita Jain
    21 - 44 (24 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  4. Nitrate Sensing and Signaling in Genomewide Plant N Response

    Navjyoti Chakraborty and Nandula Raghuram
    45 - 62 (18 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  5. Molecular Approaches to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency

    Vanita Jain, Lekshmy S and P Ananda Kumar
    63 - 98 (36 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  6. Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Higher Plants Under Drought, High Temperature, Salinity and Heavy Metal Contaminations

    Rana P Singh, Manish Sainger, Poonam Ahlawat Sainger Jaishankar Singh and PK Jaiwal
    99 - 124 (26 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  7. Interactive Effects of Potassium and Nitrogen Nutrition on Physiological Use Efficiency of Nitrogen and Crop Yield

    Shahid Umar, Anjana and Muhammad Iqbal
    125 - 155 (31 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  8. Impact of Nitrogen and Micronutrient Interactions on Yield, Quality and Nutrient Use Efficiency

    Joginder S Manchanda and Milkha S Aulakh
    157 - 185 (29 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  9. Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on Nitrogen and Protein Concentrations of Crops

    Daniel R Taub and Xianzhong Wang
    187 - 212 (26 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  10. Nitrogen Management for Climate Change Mitigation

    H Pathak, A Bhatia and B Chakrabarti
    213 - 236 (24 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free

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