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About The Author

Bharat Shankar Sontakki
Bharat Shankar Sontakki: Principal Scientist (Agricultural Extension), NAARM, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500 030

About The Book

It has been widely reported that the gap between training results and organizational outcomes remains un-bridged. It implies that training and its impact is a complex process and achieving desired impact out of training efforts is a factor of multidimensional variables. In order to achieve the intended training impact, there is a need for meticulous planning and implementation of training events at all stages such as assessing organizational goals, competency mapping of staff and their training needs assessment as per the organizational goals, pre-training preparation, training organization as per the design, assessing training effectiveness, training impact in terms of pre-determined out puts and outcomes etc. Hence, it is indispensable to have effective and efficient training managers, so that the training investment may reap desired benefits. In that way, this book has a general intent to give tips about effective management practices for the training managers. This book specifically explains about training needs assessment, training institutes around the world and their experiences as well as practices, developing effective e-learning modules, training evaluation, training impact assessment etc.

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  2. Training

    Bharat S. Sontakki
    1 - 44 (44 Pages)
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  3. Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

    D. Periyar Ramasamy, Anandaraja, N and R. Suresh Verma
    45 - 122 (78 Pages)
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  4. Extension Training Institutes in India - An Overview

    D. Periyar Ramasamy, R. Suresh Verma and S. Anandhi
    123 - 200 (78 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  5. Extension Training Institutes in the World - An Overview

    R. Suresh Verma, D. Periyar Ramasamy and C. Krishnamoorthy
    201 - 244 (44 Pages)
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  6. Developing Effective E-learning Modules for Extension Training: Reflections from the Learning Theories

    P. Sethuraman Sivakumar, Smaranika Parida and Ramasubramanian
    245 - 256 (12 Pages)
    US $34.99 Add to Cart Read Free
  7. Ensuring Participation of Trainees in Training Need Analysis and Training Evaluation: Evidences of Successful Methodologies

    M. Ramasubramanian, D. Puthira Prathap, N. Anandaraja and Sethuraman Sivakumar
    257 - 266 (10 Pages)
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  8. System’s Approach to Training Transfer

    R. Venkattakumar, B.S. Brtalili and P. Mani Qundan
    267 - 288 (22 Pages)
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  9. Determinants of Training Impact and Policy Strategies

    R. Venkattakumar and Bharat S. Sontakki
    289 - 306 (18 Pages)
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  10. HRM Information System for 21st Century: Issues and Challenges

    Manoj K. Behera and R.N. Subudhi
    307 - 316 (10 Pages)
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