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About The Author

H.C. Lakshman
H.C. Lakshman: Professor and Chairman, P.G.Department of Studies in Botany, Karnataka University, Dharwad - 580 003, Karnataka,India

R.F. Inchal
R.F. Inchal: Associate Professor, K.L.E’s S.K. Art College & H.S.K. Science Institute, Hubli - 580 031, Karnataka, India

About The Book

The book includes habit, habitat of the plant its components ailments Ayurveda properties and action of medication and is useful to everyone interested in the green health therapy. A number of valuable medicinal plants are threatened with extinction, because of unsustainable over exploitation and habitat destruction. Silent features of this book are to facilitate identification of plants line drawing of all plants with their characteristics botanical feature, vernacular name are presented. The present compilation is intended to be good ready reference work for teachers, students and research workers in medicine both traditional and Ayurvedic also in botany, agriculture, forestry and pharmacy.

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  3. Indigenous Medicinal Plants

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