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About The Author

Monika Mishra
Miss Monika Mishra is presently working as Sr. Research Follow in ICAR-IIPR. Her research is related to PGPRs. She has more than two years of research experience. She has isolated and characterized several potential Trichoderma and bacterial species against wilt pathogen of pulse crops. She has also isolated several species of many soil borne phytopathogens across the U.P. She has more than 50 NCBI database submissions of microorganism. She had been awarded gold medal during her masters. She had represent her college/university in many chess & debate competetions. She has a keen knowledge of molecular biology. She has published more than 20 research papers/reviews/ conference abstracts, popular articles & papers, book chapters.

Sonika Pandey
Miss Sonika Pandey is a Sr. Research Fellow in ICAR-IIPR Kanpur. Presently she is working on the development of transgenic pigeon pea and chickpea varieties having resistance against pod borer Helicoverpa armigera. She has more than six years of research experience. She has worked on the secondary metabolite isolation and their profiling, nanoparticle synthesis, development of novel bioformulations with increased shelf life (Trichoderma spp.) and biological management of phytopathogens and insects, extraction of biodiesel and essential oils. She has one Indian patent. She has 34 research papers/review articles/ popular articles/ book chapters/books & manuals/conference abstracts/ hindi articles, magazine articles.

R. K. Mishra
Dr. R.K. Mishra is presently working as Principal Scientist (Plant Pathology) is associated with Research and development activity on pulses. He involves in Host Pant Resistance (HPR), characterization and management of major biotic stresses of pigeonpea and implementation of bio-control agents based bio-intensive modules for management of biotic stresses of pulses and AICRP on pigeonpea. He identified several donors for wilt (Fusarium udum, race-2) resistance and Phytophthora blight in pigeonpea. He characterized potential isolates of Trichoderma harzianum, T. asperellum, T. longibrachiatum and developed a talc based formulations i.e. Dalhanderma (IIPRTh-31) and Dalhanderma- 1 (IIPRTh-1). He handled independently project on plant pathological aspect, also conducted various training programme and organized seminars/symposia. He has more than 13 year experiences in the area of plant pathology, bio-control of plant disease management, IPM and published more than 100 research papers/reviews/ conference papers/abstracts and popular articles of international/ national repute are credited to him. Dr. Mishra has written four books, five technical bulletin, manuals and extension folders on biotic stresses management in crop plants.

About The Book

Agricultural Microbiology is a book designed with adequate number multiple choice question book specially designed to improve the knowledge of students and to provide them a powerful knowledge and feedback in their progress and future opportunities. thus, primarily this book can serve as a self-assessment guide for the students who are preparing for competitive examinations specially ASRB,ARS, PRE, ICAR-NET, ICAR-SRF, ICAR-JRF etc. and secondly, meant for those who appearing for UG, PG study in agriculture colleges/ agriculture institutes/ agriculture universities etc. the main objective of this book is to help students to enrich their powerful knowledge of microbiology because it is essential for the development of students in the area of agriculture science

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  2. Soil Microbiology

    1 - 24 (24 Pages)
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  3. History of Microbiology

    41 - 58 (18 Pages)
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  4. Microbial Ecology and Physiology

    59 - 74 (16 Pages)
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  5. Environmental Microbiology and Basic Microbiology Techniques

    75 - 100 (26 Pages)
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  6. Microbial Biotechnology

    101 - 144 (44 Pages)
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  7. Microbial Genetics

    145 - 164 (20 Pages)
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