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Dr. Manju Pathak, Manju Pathak
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Dr. Manju Pathak
Dr. Manju Pathak is Presently a Professor of Biotechnology at Amity University, Noida.

Manju Pathak
Manju Pathak is Presently a Professor of Biotechnology at Amity University, Noida.

Manju Pathak is presently a Professor of Biotechnology at Amity University, Noida. Earlier to this, she was a Professor of Biotechnology at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore, Tamilnadu.

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Preface I entered in teaching profession in year 2008. Apart from teaching courses in Cell Biology and Genetics, I used to take classes for Intellectual Property Rights. It's interesting to see that our undergraduate and postgraduate courses' syllabi includes core course on IPR. This subject, as I see it, is the need of the present time and I think the wealth of the intellectuals, particularly in India, has to be utilized for the development of self, nation and globe at large. The purpose of writing this book is to make available a textbook in IPR for all college and university students. I maintain that the course on IPR should be introduced in early school levels so that our children should know about the legal protection of their intellectual wealth much earlier than what we came across.   I have written this book keeping the syllabus of the subject "IPR" in mind but this would be useful for the general public also. I appreciate any feedbacks from students and instructors that may be delivered directly to me electronically at

1 Introduction to IPR

1.1    General Introduction, History, Ownership of Tangible and Intellectual Property      1.2    Patentable Subject Matter      1.3    Basic Requirements of Patentability      1.4    Novelty, Public Domain, Obviousness and Non Obviousness      1.5    Inventive Step (Non-Obviousness) and Industrial Application

1 - 16 (16 Pages)
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2 Patent Specification Drafting

2.1    Specification Drafting      2.2    Methods and Precautions in Drafting Patent Specification      2.3    Disclosure Requirements      2.4    Patent Claims      2.5    Filing of A Patent Application

17 - 24 (8 Pages)
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3 IPR Issues

3.1    Competitive and Collaborative Research      3.2    The Strategy to Protecting Plants : Plant Variety Protection Act      3.3    IPR Issues in Biotechnological Patents Haldi, Neem and Basmati Rice      3.4    Patent Litigation

25 - 38 (14 Pages)
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4 Patent Applications

4.1    Provisional and Complete Specifications      4.2    Publication      4.3    Request of Examination      4.4    PCT Application: Gateway to Foreign Patents

39 - 50 (12 Pages)
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5 Patent Bodies

5.1    TRIPS      5.2    WTO      5.3    WIPO      5.4    Paris Convention      5.5    Berne Convention      5.6    Budapest Treaty      5.7    Madrid Agreement Marks (MAM)      5.8    The Patent Law Treaty (PLT)

51 - 70 (20 Pages)
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6 Other Fields of Intellectual Property Protection

6.1    Copyrights      6.2    Trademarks      6.3    Geographical Indications      6.4    Trade Secrets

71 - 82 (12 Pages)
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7 Appendix A

Appendix A: Diagrammatic Presentation of Processes Involved in Obtaining an Indian Patent

83 - 84 (2 Pages)
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8 Appendix B

85 - 86 (2 Pages)
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