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About The Author

Professor V.L. Chopra
Professor V.L. Chopra: was Professor of Eminence, Division of Genetics, IARI New Delhi and BP Pal National Professor, IARI, New Delhi

R.S. Paroda
R.S. Paroda: was the President of the Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding. Professor Paroda was the Director of the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi.

About The Book

Crop growth and productivity is limited by a large number of adverse conditions of ambient environment and soil composition. Among these, drought and soil salinity are most prevalent stresses. In view of shrinking land resources and continuing pressures of growing population in most developing countries, it has become imperative that crop yields are not allowed to suffer on any type of cultivable land. Breeding crop varieties resistant to drought and salinity stress, therefore, assumes great importance. Major limitations to exploiting genetic resistance have been the lack of (i) definition of the level of stress that is relevant to crop productivity, (ii) screening procedures that can be reliably employed for identifying genotypes possessing attributes governing stability of performance under stress conditions, and (iii) Understanding of the processes that have direct as well as indirect relevance to conferment of resistance. This book presents the much-needed information on drought and salinity stress under one cover. s have been contributed by a leading authority and practitioner of his own field of specialization. The book will be an indispensable source of information for students and researchers interested in the subject of drought and salinity stresses and breeding approaches for achieving resistance to these stresses.

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  2. Salt-affected Soils: An Overview

    I.P. ABROL
    1 - 23 (23 Pages)
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  3. Breeding Crop Varieties for Salt-affected Soils

    R.S. RANA
    24 - 55 (32 Pages)
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  4. Drought Resistance in Crop Plants: A Physiological and Biochemical Analysis

    56 - 86 (31 Pages)
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  5. Breeding Approaches for Drought Resistance in Crop Plants

    87 - 107 (21 Pages)
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  6. Screening Techniques for Drought Resistance in Rice

    108 - 139 (32 Pages)
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