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About The Author

P. Sivashanmugam
P. Sivashanmugam: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli - 620 015,Tamil Nadu (India)

About The Book

This book on Basics of Environmental Science and Engineering will provide complete overview of the status and role of various resources on environment, environmental awareness and protection. The book has simple approach on various factors for undergraduate and post graduate level.  This book will be useful for engineering as well as science graduates also. All efforts have been made to cover the present topics on environmental issues with adequate and relevant examples.

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  2. Introduction to Environmental Studies and Natural Resources

    1 - 50 (50 Pages)
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  3. Ecosystems and Biodiversity

    51 - 80 (30 Pages)
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  4. Environmental Pollution

    81 - 162 (82 Pages)
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  5. Social Issues and the Environment

    163 - 212 (50 Pages)
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  6. Human Population and the Environment

    213 - 238 (26 Pages)
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  7. End Pages

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