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About The Author

Dr. Ekwal Imam
Dr. Ekwal Imam has worked as “Assistant Professor” in the Department of Biology, Mekelle University, Ethiopia (Africa). There, besides other subjects, he taught “Biostatistics” and “Research Methodology” at Post Graduate level and “Remote Sensing & GIS” at Under Graduate level.

About The Book

The book begins with - Introduction, which deals with the concept of research methodology. Second includes details on collection of data, followed by sampling techniques. four enumerates sample size calculation. Basic concept of probability is provided in five, whereas, in six hypothesis formulation is discussed in detail. seven will give an insight on how to write a research proposal/ project with an example. In eight writing a scientific research paper, how to write a review paper, methods of presenting research outcome using oral presentation, poster presentation and ethics in research are discussed. At the end of this , some of the words which are commonly misused are pointed out. nine is all about the methods deal in data presentation using table, graph, figure etc. A is also devoted to selected bibliography, which may be helpful for further reading. The book is written considering the requirements of the students offering research methodology at under and postgraduate levels. This book will be attractive to researchers needing familiarity with research methods. The methods described in this book are made user’s friendly so that even general readers will find this book useful.

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  2. Research Methodology

    1 - 10 (10 Pages)
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  3. Collection of Data

    11 - 30 (20 Pages)
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  4. Sampling Techniques

    31 - 56 (26 Pages)
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  5. Sample Size Calculation

    57 - 64 (8 Pages)
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  6. Concept of Probability

    65 - 70 (6 Pages)
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  7. Hypothesis Formulation

    71 - 88 (18 Pages)
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  8. How to Write Research Proposal

    89 - 106 (18 Pages)
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  9. Scientific Communication

    107 - 152 (46 Pages)
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  10. Presentation of Data

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