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A.S. Bagde, Dr. Namdeo Gopal Patil, Khadtare Rajendra, Dr. Sangram Sahebrao, Prof. Ranjit R. Patil, Prof.Rushikesh P. Shinde, Sarde Shital Ashok, Kadgaonkar Tejusvini S., Namdeo Gopal Patil, Sangram Sahebrao, Ranjit R. Patil, Rushikesh P. Shinde
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The book has thousand’s of questions on Agronomy, Plant breeding and Genetics, Horticulture, Soil Science, Agricultural Engineering, Dairy, Plant Protection Extension Economics etc.

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Preface Agriculture, one of the important subject which having an increasing importance day by day. The general understanding of this subject must be in simple way in new era. For various competitive as well as civil examinations in this subject need to be simplified for better understanding of the student. In this book we have tried to simplify the questions in multiple choice with bold answers which is simple to remember & easy to study. This book covers different topics of Agriculture such as Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Horticulture, Soil Science, Agriculture Enggineering, Dairy, Plant Protection, Extension, Economics etc. and this book will be great use to specially students appearing for JRF, SRF, NET/ARS as well as Ms. CET, State entrance exam. We acknowledge our teachers, students, friends. Special thanks to Dr. A.G. Chandele, Prof. P.K. Dharne, Dr. S.B. Kharbade, Dr. P.B. Mohite, Prof. S.A. Patil, Agril. Asst. R.K. Patil, Amit Chavan, Mrs. C.A. Mane, Atul Pandav Arvind Kayende, Mahesh Supekar, Akshay Patil, Answers by Wahidhusen Peerzade, Sanjib B. Samant, who inspired to write this book. We also grateful to our family members for supporting us. It is my great pleasure to express my sincere thanks to Prof. A.B. Deshmukh, Librarian, College of Agriculture, Pune.

1 Agronomy

The Fraction of incident radiation which is reflected back is called as................. a) Short wave radiation b) Long wave radiation c) Albedo d) U.V radiation Hulling percent in Rice crop......... a) 60-70% b) 40-50% c) 80-90% d) 20-25%

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2 Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry

The example of trisaccharide is—————————. a) Raffinose b) Maltose c) Glucose d) Sucrose Betaoxidation of fatty acid was proposed by ———————. a) Rose b) Knoop c) J.B Sumner d) Bloor

33 - 54 (22 Pages)
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3 Agricultural Engineering

Length of Gunter’s chain is……..ft a) 15 b) 25 c) 66 d) 30 Chain is made up of thick galvanized iron wire of…..... mm in diameter a) 2 b) 4 c) 3.5 d) 5

55 - 74 (20 Pages)
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4 Agricultural Botany

The initiator of a food web is a) Carnivores b) Herbivores c) Plants d) Decomposers Fauna is term for a) Plant kingdom c) Animals b) Both (plant and animals) d) None of the above

75 - 78 (4 Pages)
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5 Agricultural Biotechnology

Important objective of biotechnology in agriculture sector is a) To increase the nitrogen content b) To decrease the seed number c) To produce pest resistant varieties of plants d) To increase the plant weight The main technology involved in agriculture biotechnology is called a) Tissue culture b) Plant breeding c) Transformation d) DNA replication

79 - 92 (14 Pages)
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6 Plant Breeding and Genetics

Mendel presented his results in the form of a) Two paper in French langua b) Two paper in German language c) One paper in German language d) None of the above The alternative forms of a gene are called a) Allelomorph b) Gene c) Alleles d) None of these

93 - 104 (12 Pages)
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7 Crop Physiology

The rice plant belongs to a) Short day plant b) Long day plant. c) Day neutral plant d) Etiolated Cycoceal is a growth a) Growth inhibitor b) Growth hormone c) Growth regulator d) Growth stimulant

105 - 108 (4 Pages)
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8 Plant Physiology

A man supplied excess fertilizer and water the grass well. After sometime the leaves turn brown because a) Due to water logging b) It decreases photosynthesis c) Fertilizer is drained in lower layer of soil d) Osmosis occurs in root and root dies If roots of plant are removed and plant is placed in water, then what will be happen? a) Passive absorption will continue b) Imbibition will continue c) Active absorption will continue d) None of these

109 - 121 (13 Pages)
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9 Plant Pathology

………… is the father of plant pathology. a) T J Burril c) Anton De Barry b) Needham d) E J Butler ……… first time reported that plant diseases are caused by bacterium. a) Robert Koch c) Kuhn b) E F Smith d) T J Burril

121 - 144 (24 Pages)
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10 Agricultural Entomology

145 - 246 (102 Pages)
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11 Breeding of Field and Horticultural Crops

International Rice Research Institute is located at a) Mexico b) Philippines c) Nigeria d) Columbia Use of combining ability as a measure of gene action was first suggested by a) Wright (1921) b) Griffing (1956) c) Sprague and Tatum (1942) d) Hayman (1954)

247 - 250 (4 Pages)
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12 Seed Technology

Genetic principles of seed production were given by a) Feistritzer (1975) b) Kadam (1942) c) Kadam (1936) d) Swaminathan (1970) Objectionable weed seed in wheat seed production is a) Chandvel b) Johnsoon grass c) Sudan grass d) Wild rice

251 - 254 (4 Pages)
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13 Seed Production

The nucleus seed in cereals is produced by a) Ear to Row method b) Plant selection c) Progeny selection d) Head selection Foundation seed is the progeny of a) Truthfully Labeled seed b) Foundation seed stage I c) Nucleus seed d) Breeder seed

255 - 302 (48 Pages)
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14 Seed Processing

Decorticator is used for shelling pods in a) Bhendi b) Maize c) Groundnut d) Sunflower Debearders are used in processing of a) Barley b) Oats c) Wheat d) Rice

303 - 312 (10 Pages)
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15 Seed Health

Hallow heart in pea occurs due to a) Calcium deficiency b) Molybdenum deficiency c) Boron deficiency d) Zinc deficiency Presence of pathogen on the surface of the seed is termed as a) Admixture b) Infestation c) Infection d) Contamination

313 - 318 (6 Pages)
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16 Seed Certification and Quality Control

In bhendi field, the permissible limits for wild bhendi for Foundation and certified seed production is a) 0.10, 1.00 b) 0.05, 0.10 c) 0.1, 1.5 d) None Weed seed, other crop seed and inert matter are the fractions of a) Purity analysis b) Germination c) Seed viability test d) All

319 - 334 (16 Pages)
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17 Agricultural Economics

______ an application of the accounting principles to the business of farming. a) Farm planning b) Farm budgeting c) Farm accounting d) Marketing ‘Beef’ and ‘hides’ are examples of: a) Independent enterprise b) Joint enterprise c) Supplementary enterprise d) Compitative enterprise

335 - 346 (12 Pages)
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18 Agricultural Statistics

“Statistics is a science of calculations and averages”, the definition was given by : a) R.A. Fisher b) Boddington c) Bowley d) Anderson “Statistics is a study of population, variation and methods of data reduction” is the definition of statistics according to: a) A.L. Bowley b) R.A. Fisher c) Boddington d) None of these

347 - 360 (14 Pages)
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19 Agricultural Extension

……….. is the study of human relationship in rural environment. a) Sociology b) Rural sociology c) Indian sociology d) None of the above Journal of Extension is published from …………. a) UK b) USA c) Germany d) Holland

361 - 376 (16 Pages)
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20 Fundamentals of Horticulture

Pomology word is derived from a————————— a) Greek word b) Latin word c) English word d) None of these Deficiency of ————————vitamin causes scurvy. a) A b) B c) C d) D

377 - 386 (10 Pages)
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21 Fruit Science

_________________ work for grape fruit setting. a) Alar b) IAA c) Cytokinin d) Abscissic acid A fruits that develops from a hollow pear-shaped fleshy receptacle (hypanthodium) which encloses a number of minute male and female flowers in known as : a) Aggregate fruit b) Hesperidium c) Pome fruit d) Syconus fruit

387 - 432 (46 Pages)
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22 Vegetable Science

Onion belongs to the family ........................... a) Alliaceae b) Brussicaceac c) Crucifereae d) Chno podoceae Pungency in onion is due to ........................... a) Dially / disulphide b) Carbonates c) Sulphonates d) Allypropyl Disulfide

433 - 490 (58 Pages)
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23 Ornamental Horticulture

Formal garden has a ———— layout. a) Odd b) Natural c) Symmetric d) Irregular Foutain is located in —— of building. a) Backside b) Front c) Lateral side d) None of these

491 - 496 (6 Pages)
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24 Floriculture & Landscape Gardening

This is fragrant rose variety a) Blue Moon b) First Red c) Gladiator d) None Rose belong to family a) Amaryllidaceae b) Compositae c) Rosaceae d) None

497 - 524 (28 Pages)
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25 Plantation Crops, Spices, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Botanical name of All spice is__________ _________. a) Piper nigrum b) Zinziber officinale c) Curcuma longa d) Pimenta dioica Saffron belongs to family _________ a) Piperaceae b) Myrtaceae c) Iridaceae d) Orchidaceae

525 - 546 (22 Pages)
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26 Post Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops

The goal of —————— is to gather commodity from the field at proper stage of maturity With minimum damage. a) Harvesting b) Grading c) Sorting d) Handling Harvesting in rose is done at —————— stage a) Loose bud b) Tight bud c) Fully open d) Partially open

547 - 584 (38 Pages)
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27 Animal Science and Dairy Science

The normal gestation period of buffalo is a) 280 days b) 290 days c) 300 days d) 310 days The best crop of silage making is a) Maize b) Jowar c) Bajra d) Lucerne

585 - 594 (10 Pages)
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28 List of ICAR Institutes & Universities

Institutes under ICAR Deemed Universities - 4 Institutions - 64 National Research Centres - 15 National Bureaus - 6 Directorates/Project Directorates - 13 State Agricultural Universities

595 - 599 (5 Pages)
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