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About The Author

Mr. Shankar Prasad Sha
Mr. Shankar Prasad Sha is pioneer researcher in metagenomics studies of Fermented Foods, and Beverages microbiology. He is expertise on Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Microbiology, PCR-DGGE and NGS techniques used for the microbial diversity studies. He is working on yeasts diversity of Amylolytic Starters of North-East India using culture-dependant and culture-independent molecular tools. He did his Masters in Microbiology from University of North Bengal and now pursuing his M.Phil- Ph.D in Microbiology from Sikkim Central University, Gangtok, Sikkim. He is a recipient of National Award “Rastriya Prativa Ratna Award 2017” for his academic and research excellence.

About The Book

The book is primarily meant for students appearing for competitive examinations such as ARS-NET, ICAR-JRF, ICAR-SRF, GATE and viva voce in Agricultural Microbiology and Microbiology. Agricultural Microbiology is one of the important components of the syllabus in ARS-NET, ICAR-JRF, ICAR-SRF exams. The main aim of this book is to help students to review their knowledge of Agricultural Microbiology acquired through textbooks and to understand the subject with logical reasoning.

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  2. Agriculture Microbiology

    1 - 22 (22 Pages)
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  3. Microbiology of Water

    23 - 32 (10 Pages)
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  4. Food Microbiology

    33 - 42 (10 Pages)
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  5. Industrial Microbiology

    43 - 56 (14 Pages)
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  6. General Microbiology

    57 - 68 (12 Pages)
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  7. Microbial Growth and Growth Control

    69 - 80 (12 Pages)
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  8. Microbial Physiology

    81 - 86 (6 Pages)
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