Dr. Hari Har Ram

Dr. Hari Har Ram (born 1948) with an excellent academic career (I Position in Uttar Pradesh in Intermediate Exam, I Position in Gorakhpur Univ. in B. Sc. Ag. Exam, I Position in Masters and Ph. D. programmes in Pantnagar Univ. and I Position in ICAR Senior Fellowship awardees on all India basis), completed his Masters and Ph. D. (Plant Breeding) from G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, and Pot-Doc from Institute of Plant Breeding, Goettingen University, Germany. He served for 33 years at Pantnagar University in various positions including Prof. and Head Vegetable Science, Joint Director Vegetable Research Centre, Coordinator Seed Science and Technology, and Nodal Officer, Pannagar Centre for Plant Genetic Resources (PCPGR), a World Bank funded project, and General Manager Seed Production at University Farm. After leaving Pantnagar in 2006, he served as Vice-President and Chief R&D for eight years in a vegetable seed company in Pune. Later on, he worked for two years as Consultant to UP Council of Agricultural Research, Lucknow and National Horticulture Board. He has served several times as FAO, International Consultant in the area of vegetable breeding and seed production in Myanmar, Libya and DPR Korea (North Korea). There are 9 released varieties of soybean, 26 varieties/hybrids of vegetable crops and two NBPGR registered novel vegetable germplasm lines to his credit during his university service at Pantnagar. He has commercialized 39 cultivars/hybrids of vegetable crops in seed industry. He has authored 21 books, 266 research papers/conference proceeding papers/abstracts, 16 chapters in the books, two bulletins, and guided 25 Masters and 26 Ph. D. students. His 7 books, namely, Vegetable Breeding, Crop Breeding and Biotechnology, Vegetable Seed Production, Genetic Resources and Seed enterprises, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Commercial Plant Breeding Vol. 1-Vegetable Crops and Commercial Plant Breeding Vol.2-Field Crops are immensely popular among students in State Agricultural Universities. He has served as member in Research Advisory Committees and Quinquenial Review Teams of several ICAR Institutes. He has visited Nepal, Germany, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Myanmar, Libya, North Korea, Egypt, Colombia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.  Currently, he is working as Consultant to Dayal Seeds, Meerut and TATA Trusts-Agriculture Projects-Lucknow.