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Develop better relationships, attainment of career & personal success. Connect with your emotions, put objectives into actions.

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Personality Development & Human Values are significant undertakings that everyone should focus on. You must have a confident, pleasant, and beautiful demeanour if you want to thrive in life. Personality includes not only physical characteristics but also how you interact with others and your body language. Attitude, conduct, moral ethics, and character are factors that determine a person's personality. All of these elements work together to build a person's personality.  Thus, one who has a robust personality makes a long-lasting impact.

Our PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN VALUES course is meticulously curated with the intent to the following Objectives.

Students will be able to:

 1. Understand what it is to be a person, as well as human values and the purpose of it.

2. Recognize the significance of various harmony degrees.

3. Self-awareness and being present at the moment are sources of happiness.

4. Strengthen learning and communication skills.

5. Recognize and value the importance of personality development in leading a balanced life.

6. Know what Morals, Ethics, Values, and Social Responsibilities are all about for a happy and prosperous life

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