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Agriculture has now been linked to developing crucial food commodities for centuries. Agriculture now includes forestry, milk, fruit cultivation, poultry, beekeeping, mushroom growing, arbitrary, and other activities in addition to farming. Crops and livestock products, for example, are all now processed, marketed, and distributed as part of modern agriculture. Therefore, agriculture can be defined as the production, preparation, marketing, and redistribution of agricultural commodities.

Agriculture is vital to the overall health of a country's economy, and Agriculture represents the foundation of a country's economic system. Agriculture gives employment possibilities to a considerable section of the people and supplies food and raw materials.

Students who want to work in agriculture but aren't sure what profession to pursue should enroll in the General Agriculture program. Students can choose from various agricultural classes in this program to pursue their interests.

Attempts have been made throughout all books to provide accessible, comprehensive, and up-to-date information regarding aspects of agricultural sciences. The primary goal of all books available is to assist the readers in swiftly grasping the data from many fields of agriculture entirely and methodically. The latest material with model test papers has been integrated into the 20th modified and extended edition of this book to boost usability and efficiency. We feel that all readers would be valuable for fellow instructors, scientists, and developmental officials as a source of information and a simple way to address various complex problems. The book is targeted at candidates preparing for AIEEA-ICAR-JRF/NTS(P.G.s), Senior Research Fellowship (SRF), ICAR-National Eligibility Test (ICAR- NET), and Agricultural Research Services competitive examinations (ARS). It might be beneficial to apply for Ph.D. programs through entrance examinations administered by SAUs and other institutions, as well as to pass screening tests administered by multiple states for employment in Agricultural Sciences, Civil Services, Agricultural Officers, Bank P.O. (Agriculture), ADO, and other allied agro-based assessments.

Agriculture data can be found in books. Students are always on the hunt for learning resources that are keen to start and instantly pertinent to the exam, as these exams are generally made up of multiple-choice questions.

The present book, "Question Bank on General Agriculture and Engineering," was written with the input of students, professors, and scientists in the most straightforward and relevant manner possible. We expect that the book will meet the needs of students taking competitive agriculture tests. We have general agriculture sample papers, and we have text on the department of agriculture policies, government for agriculture, and government policies for students.

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