Agriculture involves the cultivation of the soil, the growing of crops, and the rearing of livestock. It entails preparing plant and animal goods for human use and distributing them to marketplaces.

Agriculture is majorly responsible for the world's food and textiles, including cotton, wool, leather, timber, and paper goods. These items, and the agricultural processes employed, may change from one location to the next.

Why Take Our Mock Tests for Agriculture Competitive Exams?

Agriculture is a scientific discipline that studies the scientific, technological, and business areas related to agriculture, horticulture, farm management, poultry farming, dairy farming, agricultural biotechnology, and many other fields. With advanced, cutting-edge research and revolution in agriculture, a profession’s scope has risen significantly in recent years. 

NIPA’s mock test for agriculture competitive exams helps candidates in analyzing their performance and making necessary improvements to prevent mistakes in the test. These online agriculture practice tests include all the information on the paper pattern, questions, difficulty level, and time required to finish the test. 

Applicants would not know how well or poorly they prepared unless they take NIPA’s online agriculture practice tests. Practice makes a man perfect, and mock tests for agriculture competitive exams are what sets us apart from the rest.

Agricultural Eligibility & Entrance Examinations

We all know how important mock tests are as they help us understand the exam pattern and ourselves better to overcome any fear and challenges. NIPA’s mock tests for agriculture competitive exams cover every segment. We have tailored courses with online agriculture practice tests based on the most recent patterns and difficulty levels.

To proceed with the Agricultural competitive tests, please review the eligibility criteria listed below:

Agricultural courses are available at the Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) levels. The generic qualifying criteria for agriculture offered at both levels are shown below. It is worth noting that the qualifying criteria listed below may differ based on the course and specialization/branch chosen by an applicant.

  • Applicants must have completed class 12th in the Science stream with at least 45%-50% aggregate marks.
  • Applicants for the postgraduate level must have a bachelor's degree with at least 45%-50% aggregate marks.


Our Online Agriculture Practice Tests Offers Several Benefits 

When it comes to studying for competitive exams and acing with high results, most students lose time determining which study resources to choose from and the vast array of accessible possibilities. Many students make the error of choosing the wrong choice, which leads to failure. 

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