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Use NIPA's Practice Tests for Horticulture ICAR to Ace the ICAR JRF Horticulture Exam.

Ace your money-making Horticulture career using NIPAERS’ ICAR JRF Horticulture Mock Test. Subscribe to our expert-level authored Horticulture Online Mock Test and get answers to all of your questions in our publication. Prepare to pass the Horticulture JRF Mock Test and start your dream career in Horticulture with NIPAERS.

We all know how beneficial is to take the ICAR JRF Horticulture Mock Test to boost your preparation for the ICAR Horticulture exams. Daily online mock tests will enhance students’ preparation since the competition is surging.

Before we dive into the tips and methods for pursuing JRF Horticulture as your future job, let us first define this course. Let's get started!

What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is the science and art of cultivating plants. The course covers plant propagation, culture, and maintenance. A Horticulture Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) is a research-based program that outperforms scholars and professionals in the area. The JRF program helps students gain advanced knowledge of the various aspects and applications.

The ICAR JRF Horticulture program is designed to give students a quick overview of academic and practical knowledge. Plant physiology, plant genetics, breeding, biotechnology, soil science, plant nutrition, plant protection, and post-harvest procedures are among the topics covered in the curricula.


ICAR conducts an All India Competitive Examination for the position of Junior Research Fellow. 25% of seats in every ICAR AU college are allotted for ICAR JRF candidates. AICE is computer-based and contains Objective Type questions.

Eligible individuals must attend the counseling procedure, where admission to various universities is based on merit. Applicants for the Ph.D. program will be paid a monthly stipend based on their field of study.

Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for a JRF in Horticulture are straightforward. Indian nationals who have finished a Master's degree program at a publicly funded/government university with an overall grade point average (OGPA) of at least 3.0 are eligible.

  • In other situations, where just marks are given instead of grade points, the candidate must have received a minimum percent score as shown in the table below:
  • Candidates for an ICAR Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) must have completed post-graduate study at an ICAR AU.
  • Applicants who haven’t completed their studies at an ICAR-accredited college are not eligible to apply for an ICAR JRF.
  • At the time of counseling/admission to the institution, the candidate must have completed the postgraduate degree in all fields and fulfill all degree completion criteria; otherwise, they will not be considered.

Exam Pattern for ICAR JRF 2023

The ICAR Junior Research Fellowship entrance exam is a computer-based test of 150 objective types that candidates must complete in 150 minutes. Candidates will receive four points for each correct answer, with a one-point deduction for incorrect answers. The paper will be divided into three sections: A, B, and C.

The following is the test pattern for the ICAR JRF 2023:

Section Question Marks Duration
Section A (General Knowledge Related to Plant Physiology) 50 200 150 Minutes
Section B (Core Subjects Chosen by the Candidates) 50 200
Section C (Topics Chosen by Candidates) 50 200

Our JRF Horticulture Mock Test is the Best Choice for You

Believe it or not, attempting the NIPA’s JRF Horticulture Mock Test will significantly help your marks lift. In this manner, it will also help you develop your study plan with minimum cost. So, without further ado, scroll down and get started for your Horticulture JRF Mock Test.

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Bottom Line

JRF in Horticulture is an excellent opportunity for students who are passionate about horticulture and want to pursue a research career. The program provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure to become experts in horticulture. With a JRF in Horticulture, students can contribute to the development of new horticultural practices and technologies, which can benefit the agricultural industry and society as a whole. Horticulture Online Mock Test will help you prepare for the ICAR JRF Horticulture tests and generate employment, which leads to more individuals and plants; the more workers and plants, the better for the environment.

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